• There's Still Time To Submit Your Favorite Photo! #WhyRaleigh

    As we near the end of our #WhyRaleigh social media campaign, I wanted to acknowledge what a great job our intern, Jillian Lundy, has done with it. She has spent the last two months getting acquainted with “City” life and launched the #WhyRaleigh campaign which helped us gain momentum on Instagram.

    Raleigh is frequently rated as a great place to raise a family, go to school, start a business, or further a career. But we really wanted to know what YOU love about Raleigh. So for the #WhyRaleigh campaign, we asked you to submit photos of anything in Raleigh that represents what you love about living here.

    To date, we have received 228 photo submissions via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. We were blown away by the participation and want to express sincere appreciation to all who contributed. Through your photos, we were able to showcase some of Raleigh’s greatest assets and characteristics. And it was fun to hear your stories explaining your love of this great city.

    I asked Jillian what her favorite image was so I could use it for this blog post. There were so many great photos to choose from, but she was able to pick one that seemed to stand out in her mind as a great representation of Raleigh’s charm (it was also one of the most popular amongst our followers). The photo shown above, submitted by North Carolina native Anthony (@McLeod919), is a birds-eye view of a concert at Red Hat Amphitheater.  

    The photo campaign has been a success, but it is winding down. You still have time to submit your favorite photo through Friday, July 31. Simply visit our Instagram page @RaleighPlanning and post a picture using the hashtag #WhyRaleigh. Be creative and we’ll repost and retweet the best images for everyone to see!

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