preparing for a disaster

  • "After The Storm" Guides You Through The Aftermath

    It’s storm season. A major weather event could impact us. Would you know what to do if your property sustained damage from a hurricane, tornado, or flood? How long should you wait to begin assessing the damage, or notify your insurance company to file a claim? And what should you look for to ensure that the contractor you’re hiring to repair your home is a reputable one?

    Understanding that it can be a very stressful situation, we created a webpage to help those that are faced with this reality. Entitled “After the Storm: Frequently Asked Questions,” it provides guidance and information to help you determine what to do next. It also serves as a reminder that most work will require a permit and inspections from the City.

    While this webpage is written from a Development Services perspective and specifically addresses what to do after a storm, it also includes a link to the City’s Emergency Management webpage called "Preparing for a Disaster." It provides information about specific types of disasters and helps you plan what to do before, during, and after a storm event.

    I hope you find the information useful. If you've experienced storm damage in the past and know of any other topics that should be addressed on the webpage, please share those with me! I'd like it to be as comprehensive as possible. Thanks for reading!

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