Bradley Kimbrell

  • Concurrent Review: NEW Data Sheet, Checklist, and Signature Block

    If you are a user of our Concurrent Review process, or if you simply want to know more about it, be sure to read this blog. We also invite you to visit the process webpage and familiarize yourself with the new form and checklist as described below.

  • Development Services Procedural Changes; Updates for March

    Ahhhhh, the 70’S are back (temperatures, that is!). For me, the sunshine and warm temps are a welcome change. And speaking of change, the Development Services Department is implementing some procedural changes that we want you to be aware of.

  • Important Updates As We Approach the New Fiscal Year

    Good morning! With this being the end of our fiscal year, there is a lot going on. This week I’ll be publishing two blog posts. This one includes some important updates, so please take a moment to review the following information.

    The first update is regarding the process for submitting applications for sign permits. Effective July 1, all applications for sign permits must be submitted to the DSCSC electronically, by mail, or in person. An intake sign specialist will ensure that the package is complete, including all submittal requirements as described on the signs webpage, before accepting it for review and assigning it a transaction number. Once the reviewer has made comments, customers will be able to view them via the Online Development Center.

  • New Face-to-Face Service, Sketch Plan Review, Available September 1

    We’ve talked about face-to-face services in the past. And because they are always in high demand, we have been working to further expand our menu of services. Please read this post in its entirety to get updates on our Due Diligence Session and “NEW” Sketch Plan Review services.

    On September 1, the Development Services Department will roll out a new face-to-face service called Sketch Plan Review. It provides an opportunity for applicants to sit down with multi-departmental review staff to discuss site design and related regulatory issues prior to the formal site plan submittal. Sketch Plan Review is intended to reduce future review cycles, expedite the project timeline, and open the lines of communication with staff. This service does not result in any approvals or permits being issued.

  • Reminders - Process Change Effective 4/1; Updated Forms/Applications


    Happy Spring! Today’s blog picture is a great shot of Fayetteville Street as the trees are beginning to bloom. And although there’s a lot of pollen in the air, it sure feels great to go for a stroll and soak up the sun!

  • We have a new Customer Service Center Manager!

    For those that have not already heard the news, I am pleased to announce that Bradley Kimbrell has been selected as the new Development Services Customer Service Center Manager. Bradley has been with the City’s Public Works department for two years and is eager to complete the transition into his new role.

    Knowing that I was going to blog about this, and having previously held that position myself, I wanted to sit down with Bradley to congratulate him, share some words of wisdom, and learn more about him. During our conversation, he shared that he and his wife, Lindsay, have a beautiful one-year-old daughter, Lily June. I also learned that Bradley is a licensed Engineer, a huge NC State fan and an Eagle Scout.

    Here is a little more about Bradley...

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