On November 16th, the Raleigh City Council unanimously adopted the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) zoning map. The approval means that approximately 30% of the City has been rezoned - and represents years of work by a number of dedicated people. The process included public meetings, extensive review by the Planning Commission, two public hearings, and a number of City Council work sessions to address concerns that were raised during the adoption process.

The vision for adopting a new zoning map began back in 2007 with the development of the Comprehensive Plan. The guidance contained within the Plan was the basis for a new development code, the UDO, which was adopted in 2013. This rezoning updates the official zoning map to reflect the new zoning districts adopted in the UDO, and is the final act that charts a new course of development in the City. The previous zoning code last received an overhaul in the mid-1950s. The adoption of a new Comprehensive Plan, new UDO, and zoning map to implement the UDO within an eight-year period was a monumental task.

As Travis Crane, our Assistant Planning Director, put it, “the road to adoption was not easy.” He recently expressed his gratitude to all who participated in the process, and thanked staff for “identifying solutions to seemingly insurmountable issues.”

The City Council set an effective date of February 14, 2016 for the UDO zoning map. This will allow property owners to submit development plans under the Part 10 code until that date.  Conversely, property owners may choose to submit a development plan application for review under the new UDO regulations prior to February 14, 2016. This will allow the review cycle to begin. During this period of transition, the applicant must specify which code to apply during review.

The official zoning map will be published in early December.  In the meantime, City staff is preparing for the February 14, 2016 effective date. In the coming months, there will be changes to some of the webpages to reflect adoption of the new zoning map. If you have questions about the new zoning map, send your inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the rezoning hotline at 919-996-6363.

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