I have spent the past fifteen years working in Planning and Inspections offices in various parts of North Carolina. One thing seems to be true no matter where I go – no two development projects are the same. They can be complex. And in many cases, project timelines allow very little room for delays.

We certainly understand this. And as discussed in last week’s post, meeting or exceeding our established benchmarks for standard plan review is important to us. But we know that many of our customers prefer to have face-to-face meetings so that issues can be ironed out quickly and efficiently.

Over the years, the demand for these services has increased. Our customers have requested more opportunities for face-to-face meetings and expedited plan reviews. In response, we’ve added more time slots and expanded our lineup of services to include Due Diligence Sessions, Pre-Application Conferences, Building Trades Pre-Submittal Conferences, Preliminary Expedited Subdivisions, Coordinated Team Review, and Express Review. We also offer Exit Interviews for anyone interested in meeting with management to discuss issues affecting their project's success or timeline.

We are often told that Raleigh is leading the way, offering more face-to-face services than other cities our size. At a recent Triangle Community Coalition function, we learned that Raleigh earned high points on a survey regarding Express Review. If you have participated in an Express Review, or one of our other face-to-face meetings, please feel free to share your experience. Also, if you have done business in other jurisdictions, we'd love to hear about what kind of similar services they offer. It is good to know what is happening in the industry, and your feedback could help us make improvements to our services.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Have a wonderful week!

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