The International Code Council kicks off the month of May, which is known for “Building Safety Month,” by creating public awareness about the importance of strong and smart building codes. Our communities are better prepared now than they have ever been in large part to our consistent building practices. This didn’t just happen by accident, studies have proven that certain standards for building homes, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants, malls and other structures helps to maintain the safe communities we live in. These standards are the foundation of building principles and they help to create a consistent practice that all builders should maintain or exceed.

If we can learn from history, shouldn’t we put into action the key items that we have discovered? What good would those lessons be if we look at the cause and effects but chose to do nothing? Strong and smart building codes are established to set a minimum standard to provide a reasonable level of safety, health, property protection and public welfare. These minimum standards are the codes that regulate the design and construction of our communities. By following these codes, we can be better prepared for disasters and readily make adjustments if and when adjustments are needed. Imagine if everyone built using their own backgrounds and their own experiences. We would have limited experienced builders practicing methods that may have been proven to be dangerous or faulty, and just because it hasn’t failed in their experience, they just keep building the same way they always have. It would create a chaos that prospering and healthy communities couldn’t survive in. We learn from experience, good or bad, and whether it is our own experience or someone else’s, we have a duty to put into practice what we have learned and make a safer place for all of us.

Follow us throughout the month of May to learn about new topics that help build a safer tomorrow. We will showcase topics such as “Preparing for disasters: Build strong, build smart” and explaining how we can “Ensure a safer future through training and education” by highlighting the importance of continuing education for an everchanging world. “Securing clean, abundant water for all communities” is always a priority since we know we can’t live without clean water. In the final weeks of May, we will discuss the advantages of “Construction professionals and homeowners: Partners in safety” and highlight some of the “Innovations in building safety” that are protecting our tomorrow.

This blog was written by Jeremiah Weckesser, Senior Mechanical Inspector III.