After reviewing industry feedback on the new permit application signature requirements, the Development Services Department has made the following changes to address development community concerns with “wet” signatures:

• A new “printed license holder name” space has been added on all permit applications next to the license holder signature block, which allows the department to accept applications via email, scan, and fax. Intake staff will verify via the State Licensing Board website that all names on the application correlate with the license holder name(s) on record for the designated contractors/subcontractors.

• The permit application intake process has been further revised to accept applications WITHOUT names/signatures for both Residential and Non-Residential projects that require plan review. These applications will be processed even if the applicant is not ready, or chooses not to provide, contractor/subcontractor names and signatures at the time of application submittal. However, no permits will be issued without providing the completed permit application signature addendum at the time of permit issuance.

• Any permit application for a project that does not require plan review, and qualifies for same-day or next-day issuance, must have the required printed names and signatures of the contractors/subcontractors at the time of application submittal.

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