2017 was a historic year for tragic natural disasters, and scientists predict that we will see more natural disasters occurring in areas that previously thought they were immune. These predictions call for proper planning to help prevent loss of life, property damage, and unnecessary post-disaster expenses. Building codes are society's best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores, and entertainment venues from such devastations. Code officials work day in and day out to keep the public safe. As such, they require the most advanced and sophisticated training and education to safeguard the public from such disasters. Code officials are expected to be experts in building code, but citizens should also have a working knowledge of how building structures can indeed help save lives.

Week five of Building Safety Month focuses on improving education and training standards for a safer tomorrow through knowledge gained from the plethora of training resources. Today’s code officials are expected to be certified on ICC approved disciplines including building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire. Furthermore, a major focus on yearly continuing education is required to keep these certifications active and compliant on the ever-changing building codes.

With powerful advancements in technology and frequent discoveries of new methods for solving age-old problems, the building industry, like many industries, is constantly changing. For building safety professionals worldwide, education and training are valuable and essential aspects of professional development. Much like code officials, private citizens are also encouraged to seek learning opportunities to help improve knowledge of building code safety. Below is a list of resources that can help both building code officials and private citizens alike build strong knowledge of building code safety. This joint effort of increased knowledge and awareness of building code can help prepare us for Mother Nature’s inevitable fury!


ICC Learning Center

ICC Preferred Provider Program

National Safety Council (NSC) Workplace Safety Training

Certified Code Safety Professional Exams

NFPA Certified Electrical Compliance Professional (CESCP)

BOMA Educational Resources

ICC-ES Educational Tools

S.K. Ghosh Seminars

IAS Training Programs

General Code Webinars

OSHAcademy Professional Training Courses

National Association of Safety Professional (NASP) Training Resources

ANSI Education and Training

Board of Certified Safety Professional (BCSP) Certifications

Certified Code Safety Professional Certification

Contractor/Trades Testing

Specialty Programs

UST/AST Certification

Certification Renewal

This blog was written by guest blogger Lazaro Perez, Training & Development Analyst for the Development Services Department

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