Sharon: What does a chief building official do?
Leon: “As chief building official I am responsible for building code interpretations, approval of alternate methods, and I manage all of the building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing field inspectors.”

Sharon: How do you solve problems?
Leon: “One of my approaches for solving problems in the construction industry is to bring a common sense approach to code interpretation, not just what the code is saying but what is it trying to achieve. I hope to work together with the industry to bring the development community to a completely different level.”

Sharon: I understand you have been appointed to the Building Code Council. Can you tell me what you hope to accomplish?
Leon: “The Building Code Council is responsible of adopting and approving all building codes for the state of North Carolina. As we deal with complex projects here in Raleigh such as high-rise buildings and the new train station, I will be able to bring new ideas and changes that will benefit the state.”

“I began my career as a building inspector 31 years ago and to become a member of the Building Code Council was the ultimate goal. There are 4,000 building inspectors in North Carolina and only one member of the Building Code Council. To be accepted is a great honor and it comes with a lot of responsibilities. I look forward to the challenges ahead.”

“One of the key items I hope to achieve is to help NC recognize other state’s certifications. Giving opportunity for other people from other states to move right into the industry. Also, proving avenues where young people high school and trade school can become a part of a rewarding career.”

Sharon: Thanks, Leon. Let me congratulate you on your appointment.

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