Sharon Felton, Communication Administrator

Back in November we promised a video format for DSInsider. Well a lot has changed since then. The DSInsider blogger, Stephanie Currier, has moved on to support

City of Raleigh employees as a communication strategist in the Communication Department. Stephanie is a tough act to follow, that is why I will be relying on others in Development Services to support and contribute to the blog. We will explore various means of communicating the happenings in Development Services including interviews, video blogs, and a “just the facts” informational approach.


My journey with Development Services started about 10 years ago when I lead a cross departmental team to develop the Development Services Guide and followed that up by managing the Planning & Development communications group in the creation of the DSInsider. I’m excited that my new role as communication administrator for Development Services, City Planning, Transportation, and Engineering Services allows me a broader understanding of the development industry. This will help me to better serve you.

You may have already heard the news about the updated permit application, utility service process improvements, and the plan holding policy. This information went out earlier this month through our email notification service. If you are not currently a subscriber I encourage you to subscribe now.

Later this week you will get to know a bit more about the chief building official, Leon Skinner.

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