Today marks the start of a new fiscal year here at the city. City Council has approved next year’s budget and we are putting the finishing touches on the Development Fee Schedule to reflect the fee increase of .10%. This increase is based on the average annual prior calendar year U.S. Department of Labor Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers.

For those that regularly purchase permits from the City, you'll be glad to hear that this increase will not result in any change to the minimum permit fee. It will remain $82 - the same as FY16. All other development-related fees have been adjusted accordingly and will be listed in the new Development Fee Schedule.

There are some utility and engineering fees included in the Development Fee Schedule - this is because they are required for certain development projects and it is helpful to see all applicable fees in one place. These fees are approved in separate ordinances and may be subject to different effective dates and pricing indexes.

A new section was added to the schedule this year called Zoning Districts. The previous schedule listed right-of-way fees for legacy zoning districts only - now it lists it for UDO districts as well.

Please note that the new fee schedule will be published in the Development Services Guide on or before July 4th. Development applications submitted prior to the effective dates of the new fees will be subject to the 2015-2016 fee schedule, and those submitted thereafter will be subject to the new 2016-2017 schedule. If you need assistance calculating fees for your project, feel free to contact the DSCSC to schedule an appointment with a Project Coordinator. General questions regarding the fees can also be directed to the DSCSC.

As always, thanks for reading! Have a safe and fun Independence Day!

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