The Development Services Department has been working to develop and implement some changes that will take effect on June 15th.

One of these changes will become effective next week.  Beginning June 15th, all standard development submittals must include an electronic copy of all plans and related documents (this does not include applications for same day or next day permitting). Some of our processes already required the electronic submittal of plans, but not the related documents. Now, all of our processes will require both.

If you're wondering what "related documents" are, they include development applications, legal agreements, calculations, and any other document that is required at submittal (see the list of submittal requirements on each process web page). Electronic submittals will be accepted on either a CD or flash drive. Plans will not be accepted if the CD or flash drive is not provided at intake.

As part of this effort, we will be updating our process web pages, checklists, and applications (updates will be published on June 15th). You can expect to see the following (or similar) statements on the revised checklists and applications:

“CD or flash drive required for all submittals and resubmittals”


“Electronic copy must include the following: permit application, stormwater calculations, complete plan set, revised sheets labeled, fire sprinkler and fire alarm documentation, transmittal letter, etc.”


“Submittal intake is NOT complete without the electronic copy.”

Staff members at the Development Services Customer Service Center are available to assist with any questions and may be reached by calling 919-996-2495. You may also leave a comment here!

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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