The Development Services Department has received lots of feedback from stakeholders regarding ideas for improvements. Effective June 1st, we’ll be implementing one of these ideas which is sure to make many of our customers very happy.

Presently, residential inspections for water heaters and HVAC changeouts are scheduled the day after they are called in. Often, we are asked to schedule the inspection either during the morning or afternoon hours. While we make every attempt to accommodate such requests, we haven’t always been able to do so.

We’ve heard that this often results in our customers having to take an entire day off of work so that they can be present during the inspection. That is something we knew we needed to fix. So, to better serve our customers, we are happy to announce that on June 1st we will begin scheduling certain inspections during a two-hour window of time. For now, this only applies to water heater and HVAC changeout inspections for one and two family residential dwellings (this list is likely to expand in the future).

How will it work? Customers will continue to call in their inspection request (or schedule online via the Online Development Center) as they usually do. The inspector will receive the request and schedule a two-hour window based on their work load and planned route. Due to staffing limitations, not all requests are guarenteed to receive the two-hour window. Customers that are scheduled will be notified via email so that they can plan accordingly.

We are excited about this and hope you are too! This is the first phase of improvements with more on the horizon, including the addition of more inspection types and an online scheduling tool that is currently in production.

If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Chief Building Inspector, or leave a comment here. Thanks for reading!

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