You may recall that back in February I wrote a blog introducing "Chip's Tip." The article provided great advice from one of our Project Coordinators on setting realistic timelines for development projects. Today, we present our next installment...

Chip’s Tip: Checklists are your friends! Use them to ensure that you’ve got everything you need when submitting an application package to the City.

How true! And Chip Shankle would know. As I said, he is one of our Project Coordinators, who also happens to be a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He works in the Development Services Customer Service Center and is often present when applicants submit their plans for review. And while most applicants are successful on their first try, he’s seen packages with missing CD’s, not enough sets of plans, or the wrong certificates printed on the plans.

We want all of our customers to be successful in this endeavor – to have all of the required elements for a thorough first review. So we developed detailed checklists for many of our review types to help our customers do so. These checklists cover any prerequisites, documents/other items needed at the time of submittal, and other requirements essential for a quality review.

Once our customers complete the checklist and determine that all items are accounted for, they’re ready for submittal! Our intake staff will ensure that the application package includes all items on the checklist before accepting the project for review. Having the checklist helps our customers stay organized, and helps us conduct a thorough review without unnecessary delays due to a lack of information.

You’ll find our checklists in two locations on our website - in the Development Forms and Applications Directory, and in the submittal requirements section of the associated process pages. We also have a web page with more information about the Project Coordination services provided by both Chip Shankle and Sandra Hodges.

We’ll post more of Chip’s Tips soon. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions about the checklists, and have a wonderful day!

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