We recently met with Carole Meyre, Raleigh Citizens Advisory Council (RCAC) Chairperson, to discuss how we could help citizens find information about development projects in their communities.

Beginning today, the first DSinsider blog of each month will identify some of the noteworthy development projects that were submitted for review during the previous month. And since we’ll only be covering a few here, we’ve published recent case files for all proposed development projects and zoning proposals for you to browse (cases are listed by most recent submittal for the current calendar year).

Here are a couple of recent proposals you might find interesting:

-    Treeo Senior Living Community – a proposed four-story congregate care facility. The site itself is located at 5501 Departure Drive on the northwest corner of the intersection of Spring Forest Road and Departure Drive.  It is situated on a 5.02 acre parcel zoned RX-4-PL (Residential mixed use-4-Parking Limited).  Parking is proposed between the front of the building and Spring Forest Road. At present, the preliminary plan is being reviewed by staff.

-    The Oberlin Condominiums – a proposed condominium project consisting of four separate buildings. The 2.17 acre site is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Oberlin Road and Glover Lane, three blocks north of Clark Avenue, and is zoned RX-3-CU (Residential Mixed Use-3-Conditional Uses). It is proposed that each building will include porches and will be less than three stories in height. Parking is proposed on site and associated with each individual building. The preliminary plan is currently under review.

The project links above will take you to a detailed staff report, which includes maps and proposed site plans. If you are interested in following the progress of the development project, visit the Online Development Center (ODC), click on “View Development Plans,” then do an advanced search using the file number (we also refer to this as the case number). For example, the case number for Treeo Senior Living Community is SR-6-16. The ODC allows you to view the status of the plan review, comments made by staff, and more.

And if you could use some helpful tips for navigating development information on our website, feel free to search DSinsider as I've written several articles about iMaps, the ODC, and the Current Development Activity web page.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!