A couple of weeks ago we shared some exciting news about our new Assistant Planning Directors.  Today I have even more good news – we’ve got a new Chief Building Official (CBO)!

Please join me in congratulating our new CBO, Leon Skinner. He’s been with the City since 2007, previously serving as a Continuing Education Coordinator and Building Plans Examiner Supervisor at the City’s satellite office on Litchford Road. Leon is certified as a N.C. Level III Inspector for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Fire Protection trades. He is also certified by the International Code Council (ICC) in all trades, and is certified as a level II firefighter, OSHA Hazardous Materials Technician, Asbestos Inspector, and Zoning Official.

In all, Leon has more than 29 years of experience as a code official and has served as chairman of the N.C. Existing Building Code ad-hoc committee and member of the 2018 N.C. Residential ad-hoc committee. Leon enjoys his role as a public servant and uses a common sense approach when enforcing codes - treat people the way you want to be treated. He tries to put himself in the customer’s shoes so he can see things through their eyes and better serve them.

Leon has spent years helping others, volunteering at the local fire department and teaching hunter education programs in his community. It is in his nature to teach and help others. In his role as Continuing Education Coordinator, Leon helped educate code officials, contractors, and architects from across the state on various code-related topics. During the past two years, he taught classes at the N.C. State Construction seminar and at the annual educational seminars for the N.C. Home Builders Association, the N.C. Board of Architecture, the N.C. Building Inspectors Association, and the N.C. Department of Insurance. Doing so helped Leon get feedback from the industry about what is (or is not!) working, and about the hardships that are faced in the field. He knows how important it is to create consistency in code enforcement, and viewed each class as an opportunity to improve consistency across the state.

As we move forward, Leon will continue to have a flexible approach to working with the community, while working to ensure safety and compliance in the built environment. He will be putting together a special team to handle major projects such as high-rise construction.  According to Leon, “this proactive team will provide assistance during the construction phase,” helping project managers keep project timelines intact and “making sure they reach the finish line.”

We look forward to the great work he will do in his new position! Leon’s office will be located on the 5th floor of One Exchange Plaza in downtown Raleigh. Feel free to give him a call at 919-996-4207.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

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