Whew! Is it almost November? Where is the time going? Before we get too busy with the holiday hustle and bustle, I’ve got a few updates to pass along from our Development Services Department.

First, please note that we’ve had an update to one of our forms entitled “Agreement for Electrical Service Prior to Certificate of Occupancy.” This form, sometimes referred to as the “Electrical Early Release,” is listed in our Forms and Applications Directory, an alphabetical listing of all development forms. If you’re familiar with the directory, you’ll notice that we’ve added a box at the top of the directory listing the most popular forms. I like it!

We’ve also been working to improve our webpages so that they are more user-friendly. For example, we’ve added a section to the Development Services Guide webpage that helps you get started with your development project. Here you’ll find useful information about which types of projects require permits and inspections, if there are any prerequisites, how long the process will take, and if there are any additional steps, etc. And while this is not new, you’ll also find a how-to video describing the importance of obtaining permits and passing all required inspections.

Once you’ve visited that webpage and have determined that permits and inspections are required for your project, your next step will be to submit permit applications. To ensure that you are submitting accurate information, which is required for a comprehensive review, we suggest researching your property using iMaps.  This webpage has recently been updated to better explain how iMaps can help you obtain this information.

And lastly, we’ve created a new webpage regarding permits for fencing. We felt that this would be helpful since property owners are now required to obtain a permit for the installation of a fence. Once permitted and construction is underway, the project must be inspected by the City. This process establishes compliance with applicable codes, and helps protect property values by ensuring safe, quality construction.

We hope that these enhancements are helpful. And as a reminder, this blog is an excellent resource for historical information. To date, I have written 40 blog posts about various topics which can be searched using key words. I want this blog to be your go-to source for information, so if there is a subject that you’d like more information about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with details so I can blog about it!

Thanks for reading!

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