When I first came to work for the City back in 2009, Development Services was a division of the City Manager’s office. It was led by Hamid Dolikhani (who is currently the Interim Deputy Inspections Director), and included about twenty-five employees who staffed the Development Services Customer Service Center (DSCSC), which opened in 2010.

As the manager of the DSCSC for its first four years, I watched the division grow to include Current Planning, and the permitting operations at the Litchford Satellite office.

Since joining the Communication team last year, more organizational changes have occurred. Today, Development Services is no longer a division of the City Manager’s office. And it is not under the umbrella of Planning. Seeing the need for a department that oversees development review and inspections, the City established a new stand-alone department called Development Services. Led by Tom Hosey, it includes two divisions (Land Development and Building Development) and a team of more than 120 employees.

In a nutshell, the Development Services department provides intake services for a variety of development processes including building permits, recorded maps, group housing, subdivisions, site reviews, special uses, and master plans. The department also provides inspections and an array of face-to-face services designed to enhance the development review process. The Development Services department works alongside other City departments to ensure a seamless experience for our customers.

Tom has big plans for the department. “Over the coming months, the Development Services Department team and I plan to bring forth many improvements to streamline services and provide improved consistency and efficiency, and instill a culture of continual improvement,” said Tom.  He also indicated that one of the goals is to enhance and formalize a robust ombudsman function within the department. The ombudsman would serve as a one-stop resource, to proactively ensure a consistent and efficient development process throughout all of the development functions in the city.

If you have not already done so, please take a moment to explore the Development Services webpage(s). It provides a wealth of information to help navigate the plan review and inspections process. You may also be interested in information about the Development Services Advisory Committee (DSAC), a stakeholder group that reviews administrative policies and procedures to ensure consistent compliance with the City's development standards, while proposing new and improved ways to serve customers.

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