We’ve talked about face-to-face services in the past. And because they are always in high demand, we have been working to further expand our menu of services. Please read this post in its entirety to get updates on our Due Diligence Session and “NEW” Sketch Plan Review services.

On September 1, the Development Services Department will roll out a new face-to-face service called Sketch Plan Review. It provides an opportunity for applicants to sit down with multi-departmental review staff to discuss site design and related regulatory issues prior to the formal site plan submittal. Sketch Plan Review is intended to reduce future review cycles, expedite the project timeline, and open the lines of communication with staff. This service does not result in any approvals or permits being issued.

During the period between September 1 and December 31, staff will be evaluating the service to determine whether any changes are needed. This will be known as the "evaluation period." Customers that use the service are highly encouraged to provide their feedback, whether positive or negative, via a customer service survey. This will help gauge the effectiveness of the service and provide guidance for improvements as we move forward.

Sketch Plan Review is voluntary and fee based. The fee for a sixty-minute review is $300. During the evaluation period, however, the fee will be reduced by 50%. Any Sketch Plan Review conducted during the evaluation period will be $150. For additional information about this new service, including key steps in the process, I suggest you visit the Sketch Plan Review webpage. There you will also find a new application for this process and information about scheduling a review.

One of our other face-to-face services, Due Diligence Session, or DDS, has been very popular since its inception.  This FREE service provides a great opportunity for Q&A with multi-departmental staff. There have been some recent changes to the service, including:

-    Staff will request additional information at the time of scheduling to determine whether the scope exceeds that of a DDS (if the scope of discussion exceeds that of a DDS, staff will guide applicant towards other face-to-face services to meet their needs)
-    A new DDS application has been created
-    Web updates have been made, including scheduling and submittal information
-    A new DDS checklist has been created with a NOTES section for DDS customers
-    Staff will adhere to a more narrow scope of discussion based on the checklist criteria

The DDS is a very high-level discussion in which reviewers provide comments based on the established checklist only. Site plans are not permitted in a DDS, and therefore site-specific questions will not be addressed. If you are in need of such, then a Sketch Plan Review may be a better option.

Please visit the DDS webpage for more details, and our face-to-face services webpage to learn more about other services designed to expedite the plan review process. If you have questions about any of these services, please contact Bradley Kimbrell, Customer Service Center Manager, at 919-996-2233 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy this last week of August. I know many of us are ready for football season. Bring it on!

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