Happy Monday! Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday. Please take a moment to review the following news and information.

-- We recently told you about a new service provided by the City called the Permit Notification Program. There has been a tremendous response and many replacement permits were issued.

As we move forward, the program ensures that letters will be sent out 30 days prior to the expiration of a permit. This provides ample time for contractors to schedule required inspections before permits expire. Please note the following policy update:

•    customers that purchased a single permit at the minimum permit fee with expired permits must purchase a new permit at the current minimum permit fee
•    customers with expired permits for projects requiring multiple permits will be credited for any expired permit fees previously paid toward the purchase of new permits at the current rate (a one-time administrative fee will apply)

In addition, projects with expired permits that require a plan review due to changes in the design or a new building code will be charged all applicable plan review fees. This applies to commercial construction that is 4000 square feet or larger. Questions about this program can be directed to 919-996-2705.

-- The new Development Fee Schedule is now in effect and is available online. As previously mentioned, the fees have increased 1.6%. The minimum permit fee is $82, up one dollar from last year. Questions about the fees can be directed to the Development Services Customer Service Center at 919-996-2495,

-- Effective July 1, all applications for sign permits shall be submitted to the Development Services Customer Service Center. Application packages may be submitted electronically, by mail, or in person and must be complete, including all submittal requirements as specified on the Signs webpage. If any items are not present, the application package will be returned to the applicant.

Once accepted for review, a transaction number will be assigned and review comments will be made available via the Online Development Center. Once the review is complete, the contact person will receive comments via email. The first review cycle may take up to 5 business days, and subsequent reviews, if required, may take up to 3 business days per cycle. Customers will be notified when all trades have reviewed the application and/or permits are ready for payment and pick up.

-- The Unified Sign Criteria form has been updated. Please use this new form when applying for sign permits.

-- TC-2(A)-15 (use regulations) was recently approved by City Council. Here is a summary of changes:

•    excludes pawn shops as a permitted use in the CX- District
•    allows "overnight lodging, except as permitted below:" as a permitted use in the OP- District
•    allows "dance, martial arts, music studio or classroom" as a permitted use in the OX- District
•    allows "civic, except as permitted below:", cemetery and "school, public or private (K-12) as limited uses in the MH- District
•    excludes “Outdoor Sports or Entertainment Facility (<250 seats) as a permitted use in the CM- District
•    allows Office as a permitted use in the IH- District
•    allows “Bar, nightclub, tavern and lounge” as a limited use in the NX- District
•    requires the following set of use standards to be met for “Bar, nightclub, tavern, lounge” in the NX- District
•    requires a bar, nightclub, tavern or lounge in the NX- District to be subject to the following: no live performances, no dance floor, and no outdoor seating in excess of 8 seats

Questions regarding this case may be directed to Eric Hodge.

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for our next blog post later this week!

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