We in Raleigh love our trees! In fact, the City of Oaks has been a "Tree City USA" for 25 years or so. The City has adopted regulations to help preserve and conserve its trees. The tree conservation requirements, in general, concern existing stands of trees and individual trees required to be preserved based on their size, stand density, and location on the property. The regulations apply to many residential and commercial development projects in Raleigh's planning jurisdiction.

Some of the City's tree conservation regulations, found in Article 9.1 (Tree Conservation) of the UDO, were affected when the UDO was adopted. In an effort to simplify the process and be consistent with the UDO, staff updated the list of standardized  names for tree conservation areas. The names are now less-wordy and easier to use on development plans and plats.  The required Tree Conservation Data Sheet was also revised to reflect the name changes.

Not all development projects will require tree conservation plan review. It depends on the zoning district and the size of the site.  Typically, tree conservation reviews are required as part of the approval process for new site plans and subdivisions of sites that are two acres or larger in size.  To ensure a successful review, it is imperative for customers to use the proper tree conservation area name and submit a completed tree conservation plan data sheet at the time of plan submittal.

If you would like more information on tree conservation in Raleigh, or have questions about the tree conservation review process, please visit our tree conservation web page or contact one of our Forestry Specialists (their contact information is located on the web page).

And if you have any suggestions for future blog topics, please don't hesitate to let me know! I want to write about topics that are relevant and important to you.

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